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Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Sets

Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Sets

Wedding bells are about to ring if you are shopping for bridal accessories! Your bridal selection is one of your life’s most personal and intimate purchases. Perfect bridal sets enhance your look, increase your glow, and make your special day more memorable. Whether a wedding band, ring, or pair of earrings, your bridal jewelry ensures you receive undivided attention on your wedding day. However, instead of natural diamond jewelry, lab grown diamond sets are the talk of the town. Cost-friendly, ethically sourced, and sustainable — lab grown diamonds are the new hype, and Diamondrensu’s gorgeous bridal collection is a testament to lab grown diamonds’ value and reliability.

Before deciding the cut, shape, color, style, and carat of your diamond set, choosing the stone you wish to adorn is essential. Even though natural diamonds have always been the unspoken conventional norm, consumer demands and purchases no longer depend solely on tradition. Wedding preparations are grand celebrations, with guest lists, venue, outfits, catering, and presents to manage. Adding a natural diamond bridal set to the list might burn a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds will ensure your budget does not burden you.

Furthermore, unlike natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds give you the satisfaction of making an environmentally conscious decision by not indulging in unethically sourced items. Your bridal accessories will sparkle as bright as a natural diamond set with lab grown diamonds.

1.02 CT Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, Bridal Set

1.02 CT Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, Bridal Set

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

As the name suggests, lab grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are made in laboratories. Similar and identical to mined diamonds in every way, the only difference between the two diamonds is unnoticeable to the naked eye or even trained gemologists unless they use advanced magnification tools. Where natural diamonds form within the Earth’s surface and thus require billions of years to form, lab grown diamonds take about three to four weeks. 

There is literally no difference between the two types of diamonds at the base level. A lab produced diamond matches a natural diamond in every feature, from brilliance and durability to fire and sparkle. If anything, buying a lab produced diamond bridal ring set will save you money and provide you with a resource-friendly accessory.

Formation of Lab Created Diamonds

Scientists create lab diamonds using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Forming a diamond using the CVD process involves locking a tiny diamond crystal, often a thin diamond sheet or graphite, inside a sealed vacuum chamber. After filling the chamber with carbon-rich gases and increasing the temperature to about 900-1200°C, a microwave laser beam breaks carbon gases, ionizing the plasma. The ionized plasma forms layers of coatings around the diamond seed. Scientists occasionally extract the diamond seed from the chamber to cool it down, remove its flaws, and clean the remaining carbon.

High-Pressure, High-Temperature

The HPHT diamond creation process entails sealing tiny diamond seeds inside a specialized press chamber with a high temperature of 1300-1600°C and high pressure of 870,000 pounds per square inch. The temperature and pressure inside the chamber are high to replicate the Earth’s crust conditions during a natural diamond’s formation. Pure carbon sources dissolve under extreme pressure and temperature, creating carbon layers around the seed, which forms a large diamond.

0.85 CT Round Lab Created Diamond Ring, Emerald Cut Wedding Band, Diamond Bridal Set

0.85 CT Round Lab Created Diamond Ring, Emerald Cut Wedding Band, Diamond Bridal Set

Why Should You Choose Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Sets In 2022?

2022 is the year of intelligent shopping and social awareness. Consumer shopping habits have come a long way from being only quality-driven to prioritizing affordability and environmental concerns with product quality. Lab grown bridal ring sets fit seamlessly with current consumer demands. They are reasonable, sustainable, and offer every natural diamond characteristic but with a more considerate package. Lab grown diamond bridal sets are in huge demand for various reasons, such as:

Care for the Ecosystem

Acquiring natural diamonds requires mining. Since natural diamonds form inside the Earth’s surface, diamond companies dig large pieces of land and seize vast grounds to set up their mining equipment. The diamond mining activity causes soil erosion and deforestation, as thousands of trees are cut down to clear land for digging, resulting in the displacement of wildlife. In addition to harming flora and fauna, diamond mining exhausts non-renewable resources, such as coal, and causes water and air pollution. On the other hand, since lab grown diamonds are produced inside laboratories, their creation process is confined within the walls of the laboratories, which does not cause harm to the ecosystem. Unlike natural diamonds that grow in conflict zones, lab diamonds form in a controlled and regulated environment.

Purchase Ethically Sourced Stones

The diamond mining process involves employing an additional, often illegal, workforce forced to work under extreme and life-threatening conditions. The crew also includes underage and underpaid children, which exploits their rights and endangers their safety. However, lab grown diamond ring sets were formed without exploiting children or illegally hiring labor and forcing them to work in unregulated conditions.

Fewer Imperfections

Since natural diamonds are obtained directly from the Earth’s surface, their structure merges with the dirt, impurities, and contaminants that stick to them during their formation processes. On the other hand, lab grown diamond bridal ring sets are produced using advanced and specialized technology that gives them the same physical, chemical, and aesthetic structure as a natural diamond but removes impurities and inclusions. Due to fewer inclusions, a lab produced diamond displays more clarity, fire, and sparkle than an Earth-mined diamond.

Lab Diamonds are Customizable

One of the most stunning qualities of a lab grown diamond is that you can customize it. Lab grown diamonds are available in various cuts, shapes, colors, and designs, but at a more affordable price and with customization options. Some jewelers, like Diamondrensu, offer customization services to make your special moment unforgettable. Suppose you wish you engrave a loved one’s name, a particular phrase, or an important date inside your wedding band, earring, or bridal set rings. In that case, lab produced diamonds give you the option to engrave them in your accessories to make them even more memorable.

A Blend of Generations

Whether you are a modern jewelry enthusiast or prefer wearing antique designs, lab grown diamonds offer modern, vintage, and contemporary designs to satisfy and match different tastes and preferences. Regardless of your fashion statement – bold, subtle, elegant, flashy, or fancy – lab diamonds provide a wide array of designs and options to complement your style and individuality. If you want to turn heads, look magnificent, and save yourself from spending heavy bucks, a lab grown bridal ring set is your answer!

Perfect for Everyday Wear

Often, people hesitate about wearing natural diamonds for everyday use, as they cost a fortune. As durable and long-lasting as a mined diamond is, it is not immune to scratches, breaking, or wearing and tearing, which can feel incredibly disheartening. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are a perfect fit for daily wear. Shopping, running errands, hosting gatherings, attending a formal event, or dressing up for yourself – lab grown ring sets let you wear a gorgeous jewelry item without any worries, concerns, or hesitations. Additionally, you can pair them with any outfit and piece of jewelry to mark your own fashion statement and start a new trend.

Is a Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Set Cheaper Than Mined Diamond Bridal Sets?

One of the most noticeable qualities of lab diamonds that make them stand out is their reasonable price. Even though the cost of lab grown diamond jewelry depends on various factors, such as the color, design, carat, and cut, synthetically produced diamonds are still 30-40% more reasonable than natural diamonds.

The production of natural diamonds is a long and time-consuming process, which reflects in their final market price. Since natural diamonds are extracted from the Earth, acquiring them requires mining. Diamond mining is a grueling procedure involving specialized and heavy machinery and equipment to dig the Earth’s surface. Diamond mining companies also tend to employ an additional workforce, often illegal and sometimes even children. In addition to the cost of extra tools and workforce, natural diamonds also include polishing and refining prices and vendor charges. From mining, cutting, and polishing to manufacturing, working with retailers, and selling – the final cost of natural diamonds includes the digits of all six stages.

On the other hand, a lab grown diamond’s production removes the additional prices of digging, cutting, and polishing. Since scientists produce them in laboratories, their overall charges mainly include machinery, polishing, and retail costs. A lab manufactured bridal set is exceptionally cost-friendly and offers you the features of a mined diamond set without overloading your budget. For budget-conscious consumers, lab made diamonds provide an economically and financially feasible way of owning and wearing beautiful and elegant jewelry without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for lab grown jewelry, such as bridal set rings, you can purchase a glorious set, identical to a natural diamond set, but at a better and more affordable price.

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Bridal Set, 1.50 TCW Lab Grown Diamond Matching Wedding RingSet

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Bridal Set, 1.50 TCW Lab Grown Diamond Matching Wedding Ring Set

Wrapping Up

Bridal sets make the perfect gifts for a bride-to-be, especially when made of lab diamonds. They provide an accessory identical to a natural diamond in physical, optical, and chemical composition, but at a relatively reasonable rate. If you wish to purchase a set, check out Diamondrensu’s diverse and unique collection for the future bride!

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