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Everything You Need to Know About Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Elizabeth Taylor said, “Big girls need big diamonds,” and truer words have never been spoken. Sparkling diamonds that are less than a carat have a charm, they have been used to create wonderful jewelry ever since their discovery. However, a large stone on a solitaire diamond ring, beckoning the attention of anyone who catches its radiance is a different game. Simple diamond rings with solitaire gems have ruled the engagement jewelry industry and Diamondrensu is ready to help you pick the right ring. 

Since natural diamonds seem to lack variety, synthetic or lab-grown diamonds are taking over the world’s diamond solitaire ring designs. The fact that these diamonds are conflict free and environment-friendly is not amiss. If you have been looking for a proper introduction to lab grown diamond solitaire rings, this is a great opportunity.  

Cushion Rensu Cut Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.03 CT F/VS Lab Diamond Solitaire Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

Cushion Rensu Cut Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.03 CT F/VS Lab Diamond Solitaire Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

Introduction to Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings with mined diamonds come up to $3,500 on average and budget conscious couples might feel that investing hefty amounts in jewelry can be a misstep while building a new life. Diamonds hold a special place in everyone’s hearts but the same colorless white brilliance of the natural diamond can get monotonous after a while. Thus, it is no wonder that people started looking for diamond alternatives that could satisfy their desire for glittering jewels without running their pockets dry. 

The creation and gradual wide acceptance of cultured diamonds changed the game, however. Brands like Diamondrensu have familiarized the world with the options they have in synthetic solitaires. For instance, this simple solitaire diamond ring is sure to make heads turn when they see the way it catches the light. Even prolific connoisseurs of diamond jewelry cannot deny that it is a gemstone of the highest quality. And the catch, it is not a mined diamond. You can have this luxury without negatively impacting the environment.   

The History of Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond rings and attempts to replicate the material have been here since the ancient Egyptians. The association between rings and marriages can be traced back to Rome where rings made of different materials signified various relationships between people. In 850, Pope Nicholas I was the figure who gave an official meaning to engagement rings. According to him, a ring meant the promise to marry and during this time, gold was the most popular material. 

In 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage with a diamond ring, a timeless trend was created. From then on, diamond rings became the norm. Diamond rings, in general, were given even better marketing in Hollywood by DeBeers in 1947. Since then, the diamond solitaire has become immensely rooted in mainstream culture. 

The Evolution of Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

The millennial and Gen-Z population has greater social awareness and readiness to respond to social crises. So, it is not surprising that this crowd has taken a liking to lab grown diamonds. The option to keep environmental and ethical concerns to a minimum is greatly enjoyed by the younger generations. 

Considering how popstars and royalty are proposing colored diamonds and rings made from metals of unique choices, the millennials want a bit of that too. Alternatives to natural diamonds, such as moissanite, are also gaining fame. Cultured solitaire rings have moved past a simple round brilliant gems at the heart to elaborate emerald cut stones. Designers are taking a step further and introducing lab grown diamond rings paired with other precious stones and pearls. Truly, there is no stopping lab created diamonds from taking over the industry any time soon. 

5 Examples of Successful Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

If you have only known diamonds as mined from the earth, cultured diamond solitaires can be tricky to believe. Having similar qualities as, if not better than, natural solitaire rings, you can place your trust in these rings. Diamondrensu has an outstanding collection of lab grown diamond rings and here are a few samples to convince you of the pros of synthetic diamond solitaires. 

1 CT Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, EF/VVS Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring1 CT Emerald Cut EF/VVS Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring

The best quality of a solitaire diamond ring is its ability to stand out in elegance and this emerald cut beauty is a sight to behold. This ring makes an ideal engagement ring with a 1 carat lab grown diamond at its heart. With the solitaire diamond held in place by four prongs and a cathedral setting, the ring has an added charm. The cathedral setting also provides additional protection to the solitaire. If a timeless design and simple setting suit your tastes, this ring is going to be a perfect accessory. 

1 CT Round Cut Diamond Ring, Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring, Six Prongs Solitaire Ring1 CT Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Six Prongs Solitaire Ring

Classic rings are always a hit. This 1-CT round cut brilliant synthetic diamond, held in place with an exquisite six prong setting is a subtle accessory that speaks volumes. The most attractive feature of this ring, apart from the sparkling diamond, is its versatility. Of all solitaire diamond rings, very few others can be the perfect engagement ring, anniversary present, graduation gift, and mother’s day gift all at once. With the possibility to customize, this piece can win the heart of anyone you present it to. 

Antique 1 CT Spear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring, Solitaire Engagement RingAntique 1 CT Spear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

There is an undeniable appeal to vintage jewelry, no matter what the piece is. This diamond solitaire speaks of the success that cultured diamonds are. With a spear cut center stone, this solitaire is an excellent choice for those who love the sparkling beauty of rings but in a simple way. The head portion of the ring is crafted in white gold and the shank is in rose gold. The two toned nature of this ring makes it even more unique and appealing. Compared to any flat band that you would choose as a gift or engagement ring, this one has a lot more feelings worked into its details. 

Hidden Halo Oval Cut Engagement Ring, 1.10 CT D/VS1 Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, Lab Grown Diamond Hidden Halo Ring1.10 CT D/VS1 Oval Cut Lab Created Diamond Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you thought swapping natural diamonds for cultured ones would lead to the loss of traditional designs, you need to see this ring. With an oval cut diamond placed in a cathedral setting with four prongs, this diamond solitaire is the picture of classic style. Adding to the allure of this piece, the hidden halo is a graceful addition to the ring. This conflict free solitaire can be the iconic ring you are looking to present to your partner when you get down on one knee after much anticipation. 

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Bypass Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring for WomenRound Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Bypass Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring

Safely set between two arcs, this is a trendy and unique piece among diamond rings. Solitaire in nature, this ring features a round brilliant cut diamond that sparkles brightly from its place in the cradle of white gold. The ring comes with a bypass setting, that is the first end of the shank does not meet the second end of the band. For those who seek distinct designs and the latest trends while accessorizing, this piece will be a quick favorite. 

The Biggest Trends in Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings We've Seen This Year

The most recent diamond engagement ring in media was perhaps, JLo’s. Inspired by this green hued beauty, there has been a spike in the demand for colored diamonds. Since colored diamonds are incredibly hard to come by in the wild, it is sensible that the masses look for alternatives. 

Cultured or lab grown diamonds have the advantage of being colored in any shade the client wants. So, if you approach a trusted dealer like Diamondrensu, you snag a pretty customized diamond ring as a solitaire for yourself. You can pick the rarest colors of diamonds, pink, green, and even red, nothing is stopping you. Since vintage designs are making a revival, maybe you can look for inspiration from a family heirloom. After all, it is not only the British royal family who has jewels to their name. 

With a customized diamond solitaire engagement ring, you don’t have to stop at a fancy-colored diamond. The experts can guide you to choose between shades of the metal band and the cut of the diamond. Think of two tone metals or even bypass settings. There are endless possibilities and you can get the ring that you have always imagined without breaking a sweat. 

In Conclusion

Engagement rings may have been a sign of ownership back in Ancient Rome, but thankfully, it means something sweeter now. Standing as a sign of the devotion and commitment between you and your partner, putting a lot of thought into picking the perfect ring makes complete sense. When the pressure is high, the need to perform also rises. You can meet all the expectations set on your proposal in a breeze with a lab grown solitaire diamond ring. Regardless of their origin, diamonds are forever.  

Cherish your partner with a solid customized ring from Diamondrensu. The lab grown solitaire collection here will not disappoint you, so hurry and find the perfect ring for your perfect partner. 

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