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An Introduction to Moissanite Wedding Bands

moissanite wedding bands

First things first, congratulations on your engagement, and we assure you that you have landed in the right place if you are planning your wedding. While diamond rings are a classic, it does not hurt to keep other options open. If you are looking for an alternative to diamond wedding bands, you must consider a moissanite wedding ring from Diamondrensu. Moissanite wedding bands have the same lasting impression as that a diamond. Let's learn more! 

2.50 MM Round Colorless Moissanite Classic Eternity Wedding Band

2.50 MM Round Colorless Moissanite Classic Eternity Wedding Band

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Moissanite Wedding Bands

High Resale Value

We hope that the day never comes when you might have to rethink the value of the moissanite wedding band. However, if you want to resell your moissanite ring, you don't have to worry about what it was worth when you bought it. Recent statistics have shown that you might end up with a profit instead. So, that's covered! 

Buy a Moissanite Ring Because You Want To

Most customers opt for the moissanite ring simply because of its durability and fiery look. However, you might want to reconsider if you are trying to fool someone by claiming that that's a diamond rock on your wedding ring. Because, after all, a diamond is a diamond and moissanite is moissanite, and both are beautiful in their own right. Check out some of the best diamond wedding band  collections here

It Lasts Forever

Most people second guess the quality of moissanite gemstones. Let us clear the air once and for all. Just like diamonds, they will last forever. It scales very high as far as hardness is concerned. Additionally, moissanite gemstones have different grades based on their color and purity. A near-colorless grade has maximum purity. However, these grades do not have any relation to the hardness of the stone. 


If you are wondering about moissanite rings being ethical or legal, let us assure you that it is. It is a synthetically manufactured gemstone that is produced in the safe environment of chemical laboratories. If you buy from a certified retailer, you will be given a certificate of authenticity with all the company's manufacturing details. 

Guard Wrap 1.27 TCW Round Brilliant Cut Colorless Moissanite Curved Wedding Band

Guard Wrap 1.27 TCW Round Brilliant Cut Colorless Moissanite Curved Wedding Band

The History of Moissanite Wedding Bands

Moissanite, the gemstone, was first discovered by scientist Henri Moissan. He was a brilliant French chemist who was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for finding a method to isolate the chemical element called fluorine. 

Moissanite is a mineral whose chemical composition is silicon carbide. Owing to its glamorous luster and high value, moissanite is still a rarity found in abundance only in Arizona. It is in honor of this great scientist that the gemstone was christened moissanite. With time and persistence, scientists were able to carve out an effective procedure to synthesize silicon carbide in its pure form for scientific as well as other industry-specific purposes.  

The Pros and Cons of Moissanite Wedding Bands


Its Durability Will Impress You

Even though moissanite wedding bands don't offer the lustrous brilliance of a diamond, the durability of these stones is just as remarkable as a diamond. After the diamond, it is the second hardest stone to have ever existed. This indicates that you can use moissanite wedding bands as an everyday accessory without worrying about damaging them.

Mold It to Resemble a Diamond

Moissanite rings can be cut into different shapes and sizes similar to those of a diamond. This property can be owed to its core hardness. However, the most common shape that these gemstones assume on a moissanite ring band is a spherical rock structure. This could be because some of the most minimalist diamond rings have structures that are quite geometric and chic!

It Won't Cost You an Arm

Moissanite band rings (including the base metal and the stone) do not add up to a lot of money. These gemstones go fairly easy on your credit card. This means that if you are not looking to throw a big celebration for your wedding and want to save up money to redo the house or spend more planning your honeymoon, moissanite band rings are just the thing for you!

But What About Clarity? 

It is assured that no customer who chose to go with moissanite gemstones has not been upset about their choice. The clarity of a moissanite gemstone falls into the VS category on the GIA scale, which is a fair deal as far as the pricing is concerned. What this means is that a magnification of at least 10x is required to see inclusions through the naked eye. 

With a blend of all the positive features, it would only be interesting to see customers find a reason not to buy a moissanite band. When it comes to brilliance, fire, and hardness, moissanite doesn't fall short when compared to that ruby, sapphire, and even diamond. The refractive index of more than any other gemstone, and the same falls a little short when moissanite is compared to the mighty diamond. 

Scallop Pave 1.70 MM Round Moissanite Trio Eternity Wedding Band Set

Scallop Pave 1.70 MM Round Moissanite Trio Eternity Wedding Band Set


Can We State the Obvious? It is Not Diamond

While moissanite bands are look-alikes of diamond bands, it will be too much of a stretch if we claim that they are identical. The white, brilliant, shimmery luster that diamond has is a homerun that a moissanite stone can't compete with. Moissanite stones are known to flash a hint of gray, orange, and olive. 

It Requires Cleaning More Often Than Not

Moissanite gemstones are durable and cheap. But, these require cleaning to maintain the quality shimmer for the foreseeable future. Experts say that moissanite gemstones need cleaning at least once a month, unlike diamonds, which pose no such requirement to their owner.

The Biggest Trends in Moissanite Wedding Bands We Have Seen This Year


Round and oval will never go out of fashion. Simply because of its elegance and symmetry, you can never go wrong with oval-shaped moissanite band rings. A powerful symbolic representation of eternity and completeness, the oval-shaped moissanite band is and will be the trendy fashion call for many more years to come!

Classic and Curvy 

Check out these classic curvy moissanite band rings. Such moissanite rings are eternal in their design not only because of the lined gemstones but because of their sheer elegant curve that gives the ring just enough imperfection to emulate perfection for your bride. 

Rose Gold Band

You know you have played it safe and classic if you choose a rose gold band. A rose gold band not only adds a lot of value to the ring but also complements the moissanite stone well. Chiefly liked by the ladies with darker skin, the rose gold band emanates beauty and grace. 

Emerald Cut

A platinum band accentuated with an emerald cut moissanite band can be the perfect wedding for both the bride and groom. The four-edged stone is a classic geometric pattern that vibes with lasting impressions of love and trust vested in each other. Since moissanite gemstones come in a variety of colors, a green emerald cut can be a fine choice. The four-edged emerald cut can be a great choice for those couples who want matching wedding rings. 

Eternity Wedding Band

A moissanite eternity band is a beautiful wedding ring with which to commit your wedding vows. The eternity wedding band comes in two varieties wherein the moissanite gemstones are either lined throughout or one-half of the circumference of the band. Not only does it give off a vibe of eternity, but it can also be the perfect choice if you want the rings to be flashy without the same being tacky! 

Furthermore, a contemporary design like the moissanite eternity band accentuates a very royal feeling, with the band design resembling that of the crown of a king and a queen. 


Abstraction is the new normal. Everyone is looking to personalize their belongings and approach life. Even though you might not be able to personally grasp the concept, you might want to opt for an abstract cut or oblique minimalist placement of the gemstone to add to the wedding rendezvous. 

Final Words

While most couples tend to buy moissanite wedding bands to pass them off as diamond rings, we urge you to keep such tendencies away. It is fairly easy to differentiate between the two with the naked eye, and anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a diamond ring or necklace can distinguish moissanite from diamonds. Instead, embrace moissanite for what it is. Its fiery look and elegant reflection have their beauty. 

Social media platforms have languished in the minds of layman who consumes content without a filter. People mindlessly try vague attempts to buy huge diamond rings to imitate celebrities and end up emptying their savings accounts. 

If you do not identify as one of those people, buy a beautiful moissanite ring from Diamondrensu and invest your savings for your future as a couple. Use it to redo the house or travel the world if that works for the both of you because diamonds come and diamonds go; what you have for each other will last forever. 

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