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How to Pick the Right Wedding Band for Men

How to Pick the Right Wedding Band for Men - Diamondrensu

Congratulations! It seems that wedding bells are about to ring soon. Your special day must be around the corner if you have started your wedding preparations and shopping. Since it is one of the most exciting milestones of your life, your day should be perfect, and you should have your dream wedding. Everything should feel magical, from the venue to the catering to your wedding outfit. As the groom, all eyes will be on you, so you must adorn the perfect wedding band. However, with so many wedding band ideas for men available, picking an ideal wedding ring could seem overwhelming and add to your wedding stress.

wedding bands for men - diamondrensu

Buy a wedding band that perfectly fits your hand, compliments your outfit, and meets your preferences. With the right guide to picking the right wedding band, you will find a ring that caters to your needs and requirements. There has been a rise in the wedding band industry in recent years, and the options and varieties for men’s rings have increased. Hopefully, this guide will help you search for men’s wedding band ideas and help you make the right decision!

How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Band?

Gone are the days when shopping for men’s wedding rings felt tedious due to the lack of options and choices. In addition to the standard gold, silver and platinum bands, wedding band ideas have expanded to include various new and unique shades and color combinations. Now you can have your pick from an elaborate set of ring collections.


Whether you want a conventional, stylish or funky band, you must keep a couple of deciding factors in mind to narrow your search and sport the perfect band on your wedding day.

Measure the Ring Size

The first answer to your “How to buy a men’s wedding band?” the question is to measure the ring size. The size of the wedding ring might not determine your overall look, but you can never go wrong with a ring that fits you perfectly. The average range of men’s wedding rings is from 4 mm to 8 mm in width. You can customize the size adjustments according to your preferences or follow the common notion if you want to pick a tried and tested method. Rings that are 4 mm wide (or less) might give a softer look compared to rings that are 8 mm wide and exude bolder energy.


The next step to finding the right size is measuring your hand and finger. Upper-range rings might look too big on small hands or fingers. Similarly, lower-range rings might be a tight and uncomfortable fit if you have big hands. You could customize the ring to go down or up by half a size if neither range fits your finger perfectly.


The size of your ring also depends on what you value more: comfort or convention. Neither option is right or wrong; it all comes down to your preference. A conventional ring has a flat inner part. It might take a little force to put on, but once you wear it, it will not slip or slide. On the other hand, rings based on comfort are easier to slide and remove and tend to have a spherical shape, unlike standard rings.

Choosing the Metal

What makes browsing through various wedding band ideas for men exciting is the plethora of options you come across. When shopping for wedding bands, you will find various ring materials in different colors and color combinations. Various factors influence the metal you pick – your taste, wedding season, age, etc.


Your style is a vital factor when picking your wedding ring. Since it is your wedding day, you might want a ring that brings out and complements your personality. However, you might also not want to make your wedding ring your personality trait. Choose a band you will not regret picking and will wear happily and proudly forever.


There are primarily two types of metals: traditional and unique. Standard metals include gold, silver, and platinum.

wedding band ideas for men

Gold rings have been the go-to option for centuries. You can customize a gold ring since gold is not a hard metal. Silver rings are also soft but not as durable as gold rings. However, they are more affordable. Platinum is the sturdiest and the most durable metal of all three options and will stand the test of time.


Unique or modern metals do not stand independently and are usually matched with rarer metals, stones, or carbon fiber. Unlike traditional metals, bands made of modern metals cannot be customized. They weigh less and are resistant to scratches and wear and tear. Two of the most famous examples of modern metals are titanium and tungsten.


You can also pair the metal with a stone. Either the stone is placed on the ring, where it is visible to everyone, or it is subtly placed inside the ring, where it is still visible but is not the ring’s centerpiece. Pairing the metal with a stone gives it a luxurious or classy appearance, regardless of the stone’s placement.

Your Budget


Weddings tend to get heavy on the checkbook. You have to cover the expenses of the venue, catering staff, wedding outfits, accessories, guests, and many other things. Since a wedding band is one of the most important parts of your wedding, you cannot take it out of the equation to clear some room in your budget. Thus, it is advisable to set a budget beforehand. With so many options available and plenty of men’s wedding rings ideas to take into account, setting a budget is always a brilliant idea. When creating a budget, consider your current financial status and how much you can afford to spend on a wedding band. Deciding a budget helps you narrow down your search.

The price of your wedding ring usually depends on its customization, the stone, the width of the band, and the kind of metal you are picking. The prices may also vary according to the wedding season and the demand for wedding bands.


Styling and Finishing


With various men’s wedding band ideas to consider, the styling and finishing of wedding rings determine the band’s overall aesthetic. Not only is a wedding band a crucial wedding accessory, but also reflects your personality and taste. Hence, your ring should indicate your uniqueness and style, which depends on the band’s styling and final touch.

Breakdown of different styles: Your wedding ring’s style depends on its texture and shape. According to the style, there are usually four types of styling options: classic, diamond-studded, curved, or gemstones. If you consider the shape of the ring, you can find multiple options such as round, classic, flat, dome-shaped, or V-shaped.

Breakdown of different finishes: The finishing of the wedding ring gives it a final touch. There are various types of finishing, such as polished finish, matte touch, sandy polishing, brushing, or a satin finish.


Care and Maintenance of the Ring


Since wedding rings do not come cheap, it is advisable to invest in a ring that is easy to clean and maintain. Usually, wedding bands can be cleaned gently with soap under warm water. However, the maintenance of wedding rings also depends on their texture and the material used. Not every wedding ring can be cleaned with a soft cloth, mild soap, or a soft toothbrush. Some materials are more sensitive than others, so the type of cleaning depends on their properties and composition. For instance, rings with a wooden band can lose their durability if washed roughly or for a long time, as wood is not moisture- or water-resistant.

mens wedding ring guide

On the other hand, water does not affect titanium. So, you can wash it under water for a longer time compared to wooden bands. Avoid using a soap containing strong chemicals while cleaning a gold ring, as gold is sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Choosing the Jeweler

Either you can purchase your wedding ring in person or you can shop online. While buying a ring in person allows you to put on different rings and try them on before finalizing your purchase, it is not a feasible option if the first shop, or first couple of shops, do not satisfy you. With physical shops, you will have to run around to find the right shop. However, online shopping allows you to browse different stores, read reviews, and go through various catalogs from the comfort of your room.

Buy your ring from a jeweler with a grand collection of rings you can choose from. Compare the different rings, read online reviews and check the ratings before checking out. In addition, your jeweler should be able to answer all your queries with patience, as picking a wedding ring is a big decision, and you must buy the right one. The jeweler should also make your shopping experience comfortable. Many shops offer discounts and warranty cards if your ring gets damaged or you lose it. The right jeweler should inform you about the discount deals and warranty cards, as it offers transparency.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds and thousands of wedding bands ideas for men that make picking the right ring a challenging task. When shopping for a wedding band, remember your budget and ring preferences. It is advisable to narrow down your options according to the ring’s size, color, material and maintenance.

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