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Wedding Bands Style Guide for Him and Her

Wedding Bands Style Guide for Him and Her

A ring is meant to connect you to your soulmate's heart. There are several couple-centric rings, including promise rings, wedding rings, and engagement rings. The latter carries the most hype because it is the ring that is used for proposals, but a wedding ring holds a lot more weight in comparison since it symbolizes the promise of a lifetime.


Even within the wedding ring category, you have several options to choose from. Some people are completely unaware of the different types of wedding bands. They don't understand what they are or signify - and that’s completely okay! If you’re asking questions like, “What are wedding bands?", or are wondering how to choose your wedding band, this article is for you.


We would say don't let the engagement rings overtake the shine from wedding bands. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the different types of wedding ring bands and how to match them with your budget and preferences.


    What are wedding bands?

    Wedding band vs engagement ring:


    A wedding band usually signifies that the person wearing it is married. A vow has been taken to spend your life with your partner - this is etched in the form of a wedding ring. The rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony, and both partners must wear their respective rings - at least until the ceremony is over.


    An engagement ring is primarily used during the proposal and is usually worn by women. She can wear both rings after marriage, depending on her personal choice. But yes, the wedding ring is traditionally worn below the engagement ring as it symbolizes being closer to the heart. Quite romantic, isn't it?

    Things to consider before choosing your wedding band:


    So, now that we have explained the difference between wedding and engagement rings, let us discuss how to choose your wedding bands. There are some important things to consider before you begin choosing. Ensuring you think about these will save you a lot of time, effort, and cost in the long run.


    1. Durability

    Obviously, wedding bands are meant to be worn over a lifetime. This means that it will be affected every day by surrounding environmental factors. But it should be able to look nice and beautiful even after everyday impacts. Hence, durability plays an important role here, so make sure that whatever band you choose is durable and can withstand different weather and temperature conditions.

    2. Price Range

    It's not every day that you get married, so consider planning a budget for your wedding rings beforehand to make sure you don’t go overboard and max out your savings. Diamonds are usually inclined towards the expensive side, so you can also go for look-alike moissanite wedding bands. These bands are really popular as they look elegant without burning a hole through your pocket.

    3. Comfortability

    Another key factor to consider while choosing your wedding band is to see if it is comfortable on the finger or not, as it will potentially be worn every day.

    4. Style and Preferences

    Some people like things extravagant, but some deviate towards the minimalist side. While going through different types of wedding bands for her or selecting mens wedding bands, keep in mind your personal style. Think about what you would like to wear and if it will represent who you are and reflect your individual style.


    Metals to keep an eye for:

    Just knowing what are wedding bands won't help you select the best, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to jewelry. Knowing the nitty gritty of wedding bands is equally important.

    Before moving on to the style guide, first, let’s look at the different metals that you can choose from. These are the types of wedding ring bands that will form the base and foundation for the actual gemstone. Thus, selecting the correct metal is crucial.


    1. Platinum wedding bands

    A popular choice, this metal band is known for its appearance and durability. But compared to other wedding metal bands, it's on the expensive side.

    2. Yellow Gold

    Couples have used this timeless classic metal band for centuries. The most common metal, it falls more on the traditional hemisphere of wedding rings.

    3. White Gold

    Resembling platinum, this band gives quite a dainty look to the wedding rings thanks to its shine. However, it's not as durable as platinum but less expensive in comparison.

    4. Rose Gold

    The peaches hue gives the metal band quite an ethereal feel. Rose gold is almost always the first choice of contemporary gold lovers. Pure gold and copper are mixed together for this romantic color. So while looking for different types of wedding bands for her or men's wedding bands you can choose rose gold as the base and adorn it with diamonds or visually appealing moissanite.

    5. Silver

    Contemporary yet classic, silver is also a popular option for wedding bands. It is usually mixed with another metal to prevent blackening.


    Different Types of Wedding Bands to Choose From For Him and Her

    The detail, the intricacies, the material - everything combined together creates a wedding ring that will resonate with you. The perfect wedding band comes from a mixture of love at first sight and taking the time to ensure its suitability. To help you out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular wedding bands for him and for her.

    Types of Wedding Bands for Her

    Let us browse through the current beauty trends dominating the market today. We’re sure one of them will capture your beloved’s heart!

    1. The Classic

    This plain yet elegant band is timeless and chic. These metal bands have very little to no embellishments. Although used since ancient times, these wedding bands still remain a popular choice among brides. These metal bands can be textured or have a smooth or satin finish. It all depends on the individualistic style. The Classic features a simple diamond or other stone - or can just stay simple without one.

    2. Eternity Wedding Bands

    This wedding band symbolizes eternal love and is a popular choice among many women. The band is adorned with diamonds all around and has very pretty minimalistic features in the form of infinity. These diamonds can be used in different variations to change the style of the eternity wedding bands. Apart from diamonds, these wedding bands are also made with gemstones or other materials.

    3. Bezel Wedding Bands

    If you want a simple ring but still don't want to let go of the bling then this is the right choice for you. These bezel set wedding bands are sure to give you an elegant yet soft style.

    4. Pave Style Wedding Bands

    A metal band of your choice where the diamond is encrusted into the metal is called pave styled wedding band. Usually, the stones are set with the help of prongs, but if you want to get rid of them without letting go of the stones, then this is the right choice for you.

    5. Sapphire Pave Set Wedding Bands

    Blue sapphire stones can make anything look dreamy and ethereal. The ring is embellished with sapphire and diamonds on the circumference and paved with metal bands. Instead of diamonds, other stones like moissanite can also be used as it also reflects a lot of light sparkling and glittering in the sunlight.

    6. Infinity Shaped Wedding Bands

    This wedding band takes the shape of infinity symbols joined together to form a ring. It resembles a crown or a tiara and comes in different variations. The stones can be incorporated to change the design and styles.

    7. Three-stone or Five-stone Wedding Bands

    These wedding bands are set with three stones or five stones that are of equal size and fall flat on the bands. These stones can attribute love, trust, and the promise of a lifetime. You can either go with the three stones or five stones depending on choice and budget and customize it depending on your needs.

    8. Twisted Rope Wedding Bands

    If you are a fan of curves then this is your go-to wedding band. Two metals intertwined creates a rather visually appealing design that can be embellished with diamonds or other gemstones. You can also go for the metal bands alone for a sophisticated look. The way these two metal bands merge into each other represents the connected future of the couples.

    9. Diamond Wedding Rings

    While visualizing wedding bands, a diamond is most quick to appear. What are wedding bands without diamonds? Metal bands ornamented with diamond stones of the same or different sizes are a timeless beauty. The best thing about diamonds is that they will compliment everyone's personal style. It can be considered one of the best types of wedding bands for her.

    10. Curved Wedding Bands

    If you are someone who wants to highlight the engagement ring then pair it up with a curved wedding ring that will enhance the previous one's beauty. These curved or enhancer wedding bands are also known as wishbone-shaped rings, and you can match them up with your engagement ring by customizing it. So the usual question of wedding band vs engagement ring can be pushed under the rug.

    11. Vintage Wedding Bands

    This list can never be complete without adding a vintage beauty to it. These rings represent love and integrity and are quite holistic in nature. These antique designs are still relevant and popular today. The designs are inspired by different historical eras such as Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian. The designs mostly resemble birds, flowers, and leaves and are bold statement pieces. Along with having a delicate look, the intricacies are the star of the show.

    Types of Wedding Bands for Him

    It is a given that if you are searching for what are wedding bands you will stumble across more women's variations instead of men's. Whenever we talk about men's wedding bands everyone thinks that the choice is limited but this is not the case anymore.

    The days are long gone when just a metal band was considered more than enough for men. It is no longer the same boring metals at play here. Even men should have the right to express themselves freely, in their own individualistic style, just like the ladies.

    Below is a list of different types of wedding bands for men.


    1. Classic Plain Metal Bands

    This is a male variation of the Classic female wedding band. A polished or textured plain metal band is an all-time favorite. It can either be made of gold, platinum, or even tungsten. The ring finish can be customized according to your needs. Some of the options include matte, satin, or a sandblasting finish. These wedding bands are primarily of three shapes and structures: dome or d-shaped, flat-shaped without edges or curves, and concave shaped.

    2. Dual Colored Wedding Bands

    Why go for one color when you can have fun with two? Yellow and white gold hues really compliment each other and are a showstopper - whether you are male or female.


    3. Classic Band with Diamonds

    If you are a fan of a little bling then you can choose this ring for yourself. These diamonds are set inside the metals for a sophisticated and dainty look. You can either go for a diamond in the center or small diamonds encompassing the entire ring. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can also opt for Moissanite Wedding Bands that look the same as diamonds but are way cheaper - and without hassle!


    4. Knife Edge Wedding Band

    The design is unique compared to the usual metal bands. A protruding hill-shaped design gives it a sleek and cool look. The edges are thinner compared to other metal bands. You can go for a black metal finish to give it an even darker, gothic look.


    5. Black Wedding Bands

    Usually, whenever we think about an ideal wedding ring, gold, platinum, or silver pops into our mind. But what if we say black is the new gold? You heard it right. Black is getting increasingly popular among men as the color represents power and elegance. It gives a mysterious and serious vibe. The ring component includes tungsten or cobalt. They are also budget-friendly compared to other metals.


    6. Engraved Wedding Rings

    Another popular choice, engraved wedding bands are a great choice for mens wedding bands. The details on the metals give it a unique and distinct look that can be personalized with a name, date, or message that is close to your heart.

    Wrapping it up

    Investing time and attention to search for a wedding band that will suit your personal style will make your special day even more special.


    We hope this guide has given you some clarity on what is a wedding band and how to choose your wedding band.


    This comprehensive list of different types of wedding bands includes almost all of the current popular wedding bands. But remember, always define the budget beforehand, and then start looking for your perfect match. Choose brands that are genuine and offer a warranty. Well-established companies like Diamondrensu will always have your back when it comes to budget, value, service, and guarantee

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