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Do Couples Pick Wedding Rings Together?

wedding rings for couples

Planning to get married is an exciting, magical step in a relationship. However, in all the whirlwind excitement of planning a wedding, one question may cut through your joyous exhilaration - do couples pick wedding rings together?

Traditionally, each person pays for their partner’s ring. A groom would pick a ring for his bride, and the bride would pick a wedding band for the groom. But with the paradigm shift in all things wedding-related, everything from ring design to the number of rings is up for a modern interpretation.

An online wedding brand, The knot conducted a study on Jewelry and Engagement in 2017. They found that 1 out of 3 couples in America shopped for rings together. 89% of the grooms in the sample population were happy that their partners were actively involved in the decision-making process.


The Benefits Of Couples Picking Their Wedding Rings Together

So, does the groom pick out his own ring? If you want to go the traditional way, the groom’s partner will have to pick out his ring. But, there are several benefits of picking out the ring together as a couple, as listed below.

1. Who Doesn’t Love Window Shopping?

Between cake tastings and dress fittings, it’s easy to forget some of the smaller details. One of these details, however, may be the center of the wedding itself - the wedding band. There are a lot of wedding ring options to choose from - classic bands, curved rings, and ones with intricate details like pave.

Every person is unique and has different preferences. What you like may not be what resonates with your partner, in terms of budget, style, or design. A wedding ring is often the first financial investment you will make together as a couple, so why splurge on a so-so wedding ring?

So, do you pick out wedding bands together? The answer is a resounding yes! Even if you simply go “window shopping” you’ll get to know what your partner likes and what kind of budget they’re working toward. It’s important that you both love your rings and wear them for a lifetime of togetherness.

Curved Wedding Band Featuring White Gold and Diamond Pave Details

2. Reduces Stress

The cost of the average wedding, no matter where you are in the world, is continuing to increase. The looming wedding expenses paired with the frustration of getting all the details like venue and decor down to the tee can result in a cocktail of undue stress.

While tradition dictates that the groom pays for his partner’s ring and vice-versa, it doesn’t have to be this way. In some instances, the couple’s families may step in to cover some portion of the wedding costs.

If family assistance is not an option, your partner and you can split the expenses evenly. Another way to go about it is to balance costs. For example, if you picked out an engagement ring, which is usually more expensive than a wedding ring, your partner can pitch in by paying for both wedding bands. Openly communicating about the budget can alleviate some of the stress.


3. Both of You Feel Empowered

A wedding ring is more than a metal band that’s sometimes encrusted with glittering stones; it is a promise of rooting for each other through thick and through thin. It is an encapsulation of joy, commitment, and the excitement of conquering the nuances of life, as a couple.

But, do couples go wedding ring shopping together? These emotions add a dash of extra sparkle and love to your already sparkling wedding ring. So why not fuel these emotions and add the magic of some more heartwarming memories?

You may want something with diamonds, whereas your partner may want to take a more minimalistic approach. If you both get a say in what you want, you’ll feel super empowered and happier!

4. A Romantic Date

“Does the groom pick his wedding band?”, this may be yet another question on your mind. The answer lies completely up to you, but picking out the ring together can be a completely different experience.

In the hubbub of planning a wedding, it’s easy to not have enough time for your relationship. One minute you’re deciding on a menu and the next you’re being scuttled away to pick out the wedding invites and personally invite loved ones.

To grab a precious few hours to yourselves, plan an evening of ring shopping - you can put your own spin on it and turn it into a romantic date! Browse through some rings, see what you like, and have a lovely candlelight dinner at the end of the evening; it’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone!


Gorgeous Matching Wedding Bands With Diamonds


5. You Get Rings That You Truly Love

There’s something beautiful about challenging the notion of tradition, or simply tweaking it a bit. Picking out a ring together is a special sort of intimate activity; you could get to know your partner better at the end of it all!

A little over a decade ago wedding rings had far fewer styles and designs, unlike the ones you see today. A wedding band implied a simple metal band without any adornments.

There are an infinite number of options available now and can even customize your rings should you wish to. Putting all the pressure on your significant other to pick out the perfect ring for you, may not be practical. Instead, if you both get a chance to choose something you like, there’ll be no resentments or unsaid words. There’ll only be love, transparency, and clarity - like your ring!



A marriage is a union of two people who love one another and are committed to making a lifetime of memories, together. Each person is bound to have a wedding ring style or design that they like the best. So, it’s a good option to pick out the wedding rings together - you can even select matching sets!

To reduce the stress and financial strain of planning a wedding, couples can split the costs of the ring too. Put a modern twist on tradition, you may be happier than ever! Check out the stunning collection of wedding rings at Diamondrensu, and choose one that your heart desires!

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