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What Are Wedding Bands?

What are Wedding Bands?

How do we mostly identify a married person if not disclosed by themselves? Exactly, by noticing the ring or band on their finger. This band is known as the wedding band. If you are someone who is baffled by the very idea of a ring and a band, and wondering what are wedding bands and how is it different from wedding rings, or if it even is different, then you will be immensely benefited by this article. To understand the basic difference between wedding bands and rings, the rudimentary explanation would be noticing the difference in design.

What are Wedding Bands?

Let us drive you back to a few years back to understand what are wedding bands and rings. Previously, when couples used to shop for their wedding jewelry, they had to choose between a wedding ring and a band. Now, a wedding ring was generally a dazzling piece of the ring with chunks of expensive gemstones or diamonds stuck. On the other hand, a wedding band fell in the group of minimalistic jewelry as it was mostly without any adornment, with varying levels of thickness.

Wedding bands were mainly carried by men as they preferred an elegant look with simplistic jewelry. But all of these are words of the past. Today, both men and women wear wedding bands and carry similar-looking ones as well. The present plight is witnessing men and women choosing comfort over style, and maybe that’s why they are also more inclined towards wedding bands than a chunky, bejeweled piece of ring studded with diamonds or more.

They say that a wedding band should always be close to your heart, but how? You need to first place the wedding band on your left hand, and then top it up with the engagement ring. A pretty amazing idea that many women follow is soldering their wedding and engagement rings together. What a beautiful way to multiply the affection isn't it?

There is another addition to your ring collection, and that is the eternity or anniversary ring. Now how do you place that? Well, some women first place their wedding bands, then engagement rings, and then the eternity ring on top. But it can be quite hard to handle. Therefore, many women wear the eternity ring on their other hand’s ring finger.

Different Types of Wedding Bands

You will not believe the abundance of wedding bands available in the market and how serious the decision of choosing a wedding band can be. You can opt to create a matching set of your engagement and wedding set, or create a whole new design of ring for your right hand. Each bride is unique, and their styles are exclusive as well. Men may also wish to wear something distinct from the regular wedding bands.

Unlike back then, when the wedding set would match each other, these days it is more experimental. Each ring has different bands, and each band has different metals studded with further different stones. The list of options is endless, and it might get tedious to sort out one design. The following are the different types of wedding bands:

1. Matching bands:

matching wedding band - diamondrensu

In this type, the bands are matched with the wedding and engagement type and made as a set. If the engagement ring has illustrated designs on it, the wedding ring is produced accordingly. The appearance creates a perfect match and emits a ravishing effect.

2. Nesting bands:

nesting wedding band - diamondrensu

This is one of the most beautiful band sets for weddings and engagements. Here, the wedding band embraces the contour or curve of the engagement ring. The wedding band follows the exact curve of the engagement ring leaving no space between. This type is suitable for those elaborate engagement ring designs that follow asymmetrical or elongated center stones. Nesting wedding bands offer a more comfortable placement of the ring on your hand.

3. Eternity bands:

eternity wedding bands - diamondrensu

This is the jazziest one of all and is also a very symbolic one. It is from the glow and sparkle that the never-ending love and bond of the couple is emitted. If you like this style, then you can design it by selecting similar accent stones like your engagement ring or you might go completely different with the design.

4. Stackable bands:

stackable wedding band - diamondrensu

This is the most common form of wedding band found among couples of different kinds. This one comprises a thick shank that hotels together bands of different kinds. Many brides like stacking a combination of thick and thin together for a better display. This style helps you play around with diverse fashion looks as well.

5. Standalone bands:

standalone wedding bands - diamondrensu

As anticipated from the name, standalone bands are the ones that can be worn alone either on the left or right hand. This is a perfect choice for when you do not feel like stacking all the rings together.


When to Buy a Wedding Band?

Purchasing the wedding band may fall under one of the most crucial tasks. Without a band or ring, the wedding is literally impossible. Therefore, do not make any mistake in choosing the correct one, and order it beforehand. It is advisable to order the ring at least 2 to 4 months before for averting any kind of last-minute troubles.

Customized wedding bands do take a considerable amount of time in getting delivered. Just do not be overconfident and end up reaching the store at the last minute for picking something up, chances are high that you might not like the design. And in case you are getting it in the peak season, there is no way you can bag a great option at the last minute. Once you receive the ring, it is recommended to try it out in the hands of your spouse so as to get the correct finger size. If you wish the design to be a surprise, you can simply ask her to close her eyes.

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