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Are Moissanite Rings Any Good?

Are Moissanite Rings Any Good?

Diamonds have always been popular. They are considered to be something that lasts forever and are apparently a girl’s best friend. Convention suggests that getting down on one knee with a diamond ring in hand means a picture-perfect marriage proposal. Lately, diamonds are facing tough competition, though. When it comes to jewelry for occasions, especially engagement rings, couples are branching out to find alternatives. 

If diamonds last forever as a girl’s best friend, moissanite rings are more similar to it than you think. Being almost indistinguishable from diamonds, moissanite is rising in popularity with the millennials and Gen-Z as an alternative to naturally occurring diamonds. If you want to experiment with various precious stones and jewelry, getting started with moissanite is a great idea. For wedding accessories, Diamondrensu is the expert voice you need for advice on moissanite rings

Unique Upside-Down 2.33 TW Pear Green Moissanite Engagement RingUnique Upside-Down 2.33 TW Pear Green Moissanite Engagement Ring

Can Moissanite be Considered a Diamond?

For an amateur in precious gems, moissanite looks exactly like a diamond at a glance. However, moissanite cannot be considered a diamond, despite being called an artificial diamond. For starters, almost all the moissanite in the market today was cultivated in a lab. 

Compared to diamonds, moissanite is extremely rare in nature. In fact, the stone was first discovered in traces in a meteor crater, earning it the monikers ‘stardust’ and ‘space diamond’. Diamond is a crystalline structure of covalent carbon bonds, whereas moissanite is made of silicon carbide. That’s right, even though the two gems look incredibly similar, they are starkly different, even at a chemical level. 

If you are stumped by the collection of moissanite and diamond engagement rings, here are a few ways to tell the differences between them. Even with these tips, it is always better to consult an expert before making a purchase. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond

Price Tag

The price is the first thing that can tell you the difference between diamond and moissanite engagement rings. A simple diamond engagement ring costs somewhere between $1,000 to $3,000 and upwards. On the other hand, moissanite engagement rings start from around $100, and you can go bigger depending on your budget. When you pick moissanite rings, you get a chance to add a few personal touches and look for a design you truly like without running your savings dry. 


Brilliance or gem fire is the radiance that a precious stone emits. Caused by the reflection of light from the multiple cut surfaces of a stone, the vibrance is one way to judge the quality of a gem without getting too technical. In the case of a diamond, which is a material that allows single refraction, the brilliance can be described as white radiance. This elegant sparkle of the diamond is what every other stone vies for. 

Inversely, moissanite is a doubly refractive material. This means that moissanite has more gem fire when compared to diamonds. The stone throws a brilliant rainbow-like reflection when in contact with light. This only increases depending on the cut of the stone. 


Despite all their qualities, naturally occurring diamond tends to be cloudy, owing to their formation in unregulated conditions. When these diamonds are mounted on your engagement rings, they may not yield as lovely a glitter as you expected. Fortunate for moissanite enthusiasts, moissanite engagement rings maintain consistent clarity because all of them are cultured in a lab. No impurities or minor cracks make the stone blurry here. 


Advantages of Moissanite Over Diamonds

Ethical Choices

A large number of people are flocking towards moissanite these days because of their conflict-free nature. When compared to mined diamonds that cause extensive ecological and social damage to the regions surrounding the mines, lab-grown moissanite is an ethical and environment-friendly choice that you can make. 


Natural diamond rings come at a hefty price that very few can afford. Interestingly, lab-grown diamonds and moissanite are affordable alternatives. Between the two, moissanite offers a wide range of unique engagement rings at attractive price points. Diamondrensu has a great selection of moissanite rings to suit everyone’s taste and budget.


Diamonds have been around for a long time and have been the go-to choice for wedding jewelry. Yet, there is a lack of space for personalization in diamond jewelry. For the millennials and Gen-Z who want to spice their engagement rings, the moissanite rings have the option of fancy colored stones. Unlike colored diamonds, which are extremely rare, colored moissanite is not at all hard to come by and can give you unique engagement rings with ease. 

Everyday Wear

Diamond might be the hardest material on Earth, but that does not mean it is completely safe from chipping. When the diamond is cut in a specific way or mounted on engagement rings carelessly, the stone is bound to have tiny cracks. The score on the Mohs hardness scale only means that the diamond is scratch-resistant in most instances. Compared to this, moissanite lies at a safe level where the stone is both scratch-resistant and accident-proof to an extent, making it ideal for daily wear. 

Disadvantages of Moissanite Over Diamonds

Choosing moissanite over diamonds does not mean you have lost your flair for luxury items. It is simply a wise choice for most people. However, moissanite does have some drawbacks that you should consider before making a purchase. 

To start with, moissanite does not have much of a resale value. Despite being a forever gem, moissanite jewelry cannot be considered an investment like natural diamond jewelry is. Another setback when choosing moissanite engagement rings is that certain jewelers refuse to work with your jewelry. In case you need a reset or additional work done on moissanite rings, you need to find a trusted expert. 

Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

Choosing the right design and cut for an engagement ring can be tricky, especially if you are already overexcited over the idea of proposing. Don’t let the jitters get the best of you, and pick a ring that does not suit your partner’s tastes. Setting down a few parameters can help you narrow down the options and make a better choice. 

Super Sparkly 10.69 CT Radiant Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring, Pave Set#1 10.69 CT Radiant Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

This radiant-cut engagement ring is perfect if you are looking for a classic design with a twist of extravagance. When choosing moissanite engagement rings with colorless stones, remember that matte white gold or platinum bands add elegance to the piece. The sizeable sparkling center stone and half halo pave set diamonds draw the attention of everyone and stand as a sign of the commitment you are making to your partner. 

Twisted Contemporary Pave Shank 1.67 TW Round OEC Engagement Ring#2 Twisted Contemporary Pave Shank Engagement Ring

For those looking for an everyday ring that still stands out as an engagement ring, this moissanite ring is the right choice. With a twisted pave shank, the interwoven design makes this one of the most unique engagement rings. The old European-cut moissanite at the center of the ring catches the light in all the right ways and gleams beautifully as your partner conquers each day.

Bezel Set 1.29 TW Lozenge Cut Moissanite Three Stones Engagement Ring#3 Bezel Set 1.29 TW Lozenge Cut Moissanite Three Stones Engagement Ring

Trendy engagement rings are all the rage these days. Vintage-style rings have the drawback of standing out like a sore thumb when paired with other contemporary and modern jewelry. If your partner is keen on modern accessories, this lozenge-cut engagement ring is a thoughtful choice you can make.

Classic Split Shank Cushion Cyan Blue Moissanite Engagement Ring#4 Classic Split Shank Cushion Cyan Blue Moissanite Engagement Ring

If you are looking to add some color to your engagement jewelry, this cyan blue cushion-cut moissanite is the best way to do it. Featuring a center cyan stone held in place with four prongs, this classic design is going to be a sure hit when you present it to your partner. The lovely split shank design is another feature of this ring that takes the cake. The round, brilliant stones, along with the cyan moissanite, give off an elegant radiance that no one can take their eyes off of.

3.41 CT Radiant Pear Three Stone Moissanite Wedding Ring#5 3.41 CT Radiant Pear Three Stone Moissanite Wedding Ring

Delicate and unique engagement rings are always in demand. This vintage ring features a 3.41 carat radiant-cut moissanite held in place with double claw prongs. The antique design is perfect to suit an old soul’s tastes. Regardless of the occasion, this ring is going to be a showstopper when the light hits the moissanite right. If you want to go all out for your proposal, this exquisite ring is the best choice that you can make. We can tell you that this is not a decision you will come to regret. 


Are moissanite rings any good? 

Undoubtedly, they are one of the best choices in engagement rings out there today. Especially for those couples who try to break out of conventions or stick to a budget, moissanite rings bring forth a lot of options.

If you have been looking at engagement rings, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give moissanite a chance. Head on over to Diamondrensu and find an engagement ring worthy of your partner. 

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