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Loose Moissanite: What It Is And Why It's Popular

Loose Moissanite: What It Is And Why It's Popular

Nicole Richie once said, "True friends are like diamonds: bright, valuable, beautiful, and always in style." Well, it may have been true 20 years ago. Now, there's a new gem in town, and it has taken over the jewel market. 

Moissanite has established itself as one of the leading alternatives to mined diamonds. As a result, many couples today opt for moissanite for their wedding band and engagement rings. So, what makes it unique, and should you buy moissanite stones?

2.03 TCW Elongated Cushion Cut Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

2.03 TCW Elongated Cushion Cut Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

Loose Moissanite: A Brief History

Moissanite was discovered in the 1890s. Dr. Henri Moissan, a renowned French scientist, was looking for crystalline chemical compositions that facilitated electrical conductivity. He located a meteorite crater in Arizona and found one of the rarest minerals on earth: silicon carbide. 

After several years, a researcher from North Carolina created pure silicon carbide, or SiC, opening up avenues for this mineral. Eventually, Charles and Colvard invented the process of creating loose moissanite stones in a lab. They soon became strong competitors to mined diamonds, thus revolutionizing the jewelry manufacturing industry.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite, named after Dr. Henri Moissan, comes from a rare mineral called silicon carbide. It is so rare that it is found only in the upper mantle rocks and meteorites. Due to this, moissanite is often referred to as the 'space diamond.'

Since the mineral is so rare, it isn't easy to mind naturally occurring moissanite on earth. So, it is now manufactured in a lab in a controlled environment. These labs recreate the same natural processes that form moissanite. First, they use an immense amount of heat and pressure to create these loose stones, after which they are cut and polished with precision. 

Moissanite is graded just like a diamond: based on carat, clarity, and color. 

Why Loose Moissanite Is a Good Choice

Moissanite has proven to be a popular replacement for regular, mined diamonds. It has numerous benefits.


One of the unique features of moissanite is its brilliance. The light reflected from the stone is much higher than that of a diamond. As a result, it has a score of approximately 2.69 on the index, whereas diamond is only 2.45. In simple words, moissanite sparkles more when it hits the light. 


The term 'fire' is used to indicate the dispersion of light into noticeable spectral colors which look like flashes of rainbow-colored light. Moissanite's dispersion rate is twice that of a diamond, emitting more 'fire' and shine. 

Hardness and Resistance

Jewelers and researchers use the Mohs scale to measure a stone's durability. While diamond is the toughest material, moissanite comes a close second. This means that a moissanite stone can only get scratches and abrasions from a material that is either as hard as moissanite or more. 


With loose stones, you can easily customize them by adding them to the jewelry of your choice. At Diamondrensu, you can make personalized jewelry with moissanite and get the ornament of your dreams.

Here are some extraordinary loose moissanite stones for sale on Diamondrensu:

19.29 CT Emerald Cut Colorless Moissanite, Loose Moissanite for Custom Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, or Necklace19.29 CT Emerald Cut Colorless Moissanite, Loose Moissanite for Custom Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring, or Necklace

This delicate moissanite stone is the epitome of elegance. Emerald cuts are modern and classy, and they add just the right amount of glam. At Diamondrensu, you get all the information about the stone, from its weight to its measurements. 

2.42 CT Round Hearts and Arrows Cut Colorless Loose Moissanite2.42 CT Round Hearts and Arrows Cut Colorless Loose Moissanite

This one's a classic. Add this to a ring, and you've got yourself a solid engagement ring. With Diamondrensu, you can add your personalizations, choose your metal or band, and they will make it just for you. 

2.79 CT Hexagon Cut Cyan Blue Loose Moissanite for Engagement Ring2.79 CT Hexagon Cut Cyan Blue Loose Moissanite for Engagement Ring

Here's an example of how versatile moissanite stones can be. This breathtaking cyan-hued hexagon-cut moissanite will look beautiful on pretty much any piece of jewelry. It is unique, different, and made especially for those of you who want to add color and bling into your lives! 

Who Can Wear a Moissanite Stone?

Do you want to buy moissanite while wondering whether it is for you? The answer is yes. If you want one of the following things from your stone, then it is for you. 

You Want Something Durable

As mentioned above, moissanite is the second hardest stone on the Mohs scale. With such incredible resistance, the stone cannot get damaged easily. So, not only do you get something that looks beautiful, but you know it is long-lasting, too. 

You Want Easy Maintenance

A great thing about moissanite is that it is very easy to clean. Since it is made of silicon, dirt and oil do not stick to it. Contrastingly, diamonds can get dirty and lose their shine over time. So you can keep wearing your moissanite jewelry as much as you want. Just take a lint-free cloth to wipe it, and you're good to go. 

You Want an Affordable Stone

Diamonds are undoubtedly magnificent but quite expensive. Moissanite is a wonderful alternative to diamonds because they look similar and pay a much lower price. The quality doesn't get compromised, either. You still get a precious and durable stone. 

Moissanite has made precious jewelry more accessible to the general public by being considerably cheaper than diamonds. 

You Want an Ethically-Sourced Gem

People have slowly uncovered the unethical practices behind mined diamonds. When you buy moissanite, you can be assured that you're not exploiting nature's resources or causing any environmental harm. Moissanite is lab-created in a controlled environment, often using renewable resources. The process has a minimal environmental impact, leaving you with an ethically created stone. 

Why Moissanite is Used in Engagement Rings

Today's generation is much more aware and conscious of their habits. Earlier, engagement rings only used diamonds. But today, couples are exploring other options. They don't want to follow a tradition because it's been practiced for decades and centuries. Instead, they want a stone that they resonate and connect with. 

Here are a few reasons you can use moissanite in your engagement rings. 


Diamonds are beautiful, but not the most eco-friendly stone out there. If you want to make a change and opt for something more sustainable, then moissanite is the right choice for you.


We've talked about how durable and scratch-resistant moissanite is. This makes it the perfect choice for your engagement ring. Your partner can wear it without having to worry about damaging it. With basic maintenance, the ring will look brand new for a very long time. With a moissanite ring, she can always carry your love around with her every single day. 

Diamonds Are Overrated

This might be debatable, but mined diamonds have become overrated. They lose their luster after wear, and they are costly. Moissanite is valuable, durable, and, not to forget, absolutely breathtaking. 

Here are some gorgeous moissanite engagement rings available exclusively on Diamondrensu. 

Comfort-Fit Moissanite Solitaire Ring, 2.54 CT Cushion Cut Colorless Moissanite Engagement RingComfort-Fit Moissanite Solitaire Ring, 2.54 CT Cushion Cut Colorless Moissanite Engagement Ring

Here is a ring that exudes grace — the perfect engagement ring for the girl who likes to keep it simple. This beautiful ring comes with a cushion-cut 2.54-carat moissanite stone. Customize the metal tone, add metal prongs, and you have yourself a masterpiece. 

Vintage Inspired 3.40 TCW Antique Criss Cut Moissanite Wedding Gift RingVintage Inspired 3.40 TCW Antique Criss Cut Moissanite Wedding Gift Ring

If your partner is into bling, then this will make for the perfect engagement ring. This spectacular piece is adorned with a criss-cut moissanite stone. With moissanite, you can buy bigger stones at a considerably reasonable price. So treat your partner like the princess she is, and propose to her with this stunner of a ring.

Unique 5.16 TCW Pear Cut Hidden Halo Pave Set Moissanite Engagement RingUnique 5.16 TCW Pear Cut Hidden Halo Pave Set Moissanite Engagement Ring

This golden yellow-hued moissanite stone sits perfectly on a hidden moissanite-encrusted halo. This ring screams luxury, and if your partner likes unique designs, she will definitely fall in love with this ring. 

In Conclusion

Moissanite does not get enough credit for how gorgeous it truly is. It elevates the look of the ornament and gives a rich and extravagant look. As a conscious consumer, you can make the right choice by choosing a stone that does not hamper the environment. Give her a ring that is as long-lasting as your love. Commit to moissanite and give your partner a stone she will cherish forever. 

Check out Diamondrensu's collection of beautiful moissanite for sale. Choose from a wide range of rings, bands, loose stones, and jewelry. With such a fabulous selection of moissanite jewelry, you'll be converted to a moissanite lover in no time! 

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